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“Last year, an unwanted, uninvited stranger took up residence in my heart and mind - postpartum depression. I struggled to shake the feelings of brokenness and was desperate to find joy again. Then, I found the Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir and singing about how Jesus Christ fixes the broken, especially those who didn’t “earn” it, helped get the healing started. It’s not just “happy” music. It’s honest music. I was told that I’m okay and I can be better - without judgment. I’m grateful for this choir that did for me what I (and other things I tried) couldn’t. Most appropriately, I’m grateful that Christ worked through the choir for me.”

-Debbie Gulledge.

“It’s been six months that I’ve been in this choir. Six months that I have grown immensely and healed not only my literal vocal chords, but also spiritually. I had an extremely spiritual emotional experience one night specifically that testified this is where I’m supposed to be. It has been the most incredible experience - being able to share Christ’s gift of love and comfort, once again healing through gospel music. It’s what I want to do with my life, one of the biggest things anyway. The Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir is a gift to the world. It’s cherished by many and I’m so grateful just to be a part of it.”

-Aleia M.

“This choir has changed my life in a way I’ve never thought possible. Before I joined, I struggled with major anxiety and depression that almost seemed unbearable. I needed saving, and more importantly, healing. This gospel music has made my testimony so much stronger and I’ve never been happier. When you are surrounded by people who love the Lord and love the music, you have an unbreakable bond and it is absolutely beautiful. My life has been transformed and I couldn’t be more grateful that I found it.”

Sophia H.

“After I first saw this choir perform, I was prompted that being a part of it was something that I needed in my life. Being able to sing praises to the Lord with this choir has been an answer to a prayer I didn’t realize I had. It has brought healing to my soul and joy to my heart over and over.”

Hannah Spencer.

“The choir has helped me deal with my depression. I always feel better when I sing and perform with the choir. It’s been the biggest blessing in my life for the past two years I’ve been a part of it.”

-Elise V.

“I am so grateful for the Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir. Being in the choir has been a beautiful experience and has brought me peace during difficult times.”

-Karen Rowley.

“I have loved participating in the choir! In my head I know that the Lord loves me, but as I come to sing and praise every week, I have gained a strong testimony in my heart that He loves me. I wish everyone could feel it!”

-Rachel M.

"I was falling fast, down a dark hole. Debra called and invited me to join the choir; my life has totally changed. I'm now in school and have started my own business. The choir is transforming. I have not taken drugs since being in the choir."


“I became very sick a few years ago. The sickness had me sleeping and recuperating for 20 hours a day for a year. I had to quit working. My family had basically lost me. I became depressed as I felt like I lost everything that had made me who I was. As I started to recover, the doctors found that my body was forever changed. I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I was in a wheelchair at least half the time. I came to the choir for my children who wanted to participate. I didn’t know if I would have the energy to participate with the choir. I began coming to rehearsals and found that there was physical and emotional healing in the music. At first I didn’t have the energy to stand and do the choreography, but little by little the sounds and energy helped me. My body is still in constant pain. I still have hard days where my body will not work but there is an energy and healing that I receive every time I sing with the choir. The choir also has helped me realize that I have inherent value and worth that is not tied to how my body works. I am worthy because I am a child of God.”

-Liz N.


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