Artist Intensive Summer Camp 2024


Serving ages 9 years old and up! Our classes include, vocal technique, vocal performance, songwriting, recording, dance/movement, acting, stage fright workshops, motivational speakers, emotional integration, vision boarding and journaling.

Meet the Instructors

Instructors will include Debra Bonner, as well as her incredibly talented children! ​

Debra Bonner

Transformational Vocal Coach
Extraordinaire, Professional
Singer, Founder of Your True
Voice & Unity Gospel Choir

Oyoyo Joi Bonner

Leading Broadway Performer,
Vocal Coach, Dance & Acting

Oba Bonner

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Performance Coach, and Vocal Coach.

Yahosh Bonner

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Performance Coach, and Vocal Coach.

Conlon Bonner

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Performance Coach, and Vocal Coach.

Yunga Webb Bonner

Recording Artist, Producer, and Celebrity Vocal Coach


Ages: 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18 and up

Our programs will include singing, dancing, acting, songwriting, emotional integration, journaling, vision boarding, and gospel choir.

Each class will be taught separately by age group.


Elizabeth Academy Secondary School

1838 S. 1500 E.
Sugarhouse, UT


$995 per session (over a $3,000 value!)

Debra Bonner Artist Intensive Summer Camp Class Descriptions

9 days of Classes/ 7 hour days / Showcase

Vocal Training

Your True VoiceTM Vocal Training

Through a series of vocal exercises and techniques, students will begin to find their voice, that which makes them uniquely who they are. Training your voice parallels your emotional clarity; as emotional barriers dissolve, authenticity emerges. Joy, your natural state, amplifies as your true voice surfaces, aligning with your genuine self both emotionally and vocally.

  • Help young people find their true and natural voice
  • They become more confident, grounded, self-assured in who they truly are

Songwriting & Recording

Students will learn to write lyrics to uplifting songs. They will also learn the basic structure of songwriting. Students will apply these skills as they write an original song, which they will then record.



Students will learn dance movements to interpret songs for performance, enhancing rhythm and expression.

  • Help students be more confident in their skin and comfortable in who they are
  • Find their rhythm and flow
  • Eliminate awkwardness in their walk and movement


Students will learn acting exercises and games that will help them to be more comfortable being vulnerable and authentic in front of a camera or on stage. They will then apply that learning to singing, enabling them to vocally express themselves from the heart without fear.

  • Help students be more authentic
  • Come from a genuine place and a comfortable place when acting or performing, which helps eliminate insecurity.
Stage Fright

Stage Fright

Students will learn to overcome stage fright through activities that will enable them to be calm, to release negativity, and to be more focused and creative. This will enhance their performance skills in music and in life. The stage fright workshops will include motivational speakers.

  • Help students get rid of nervous tension
  • Help students to perform
  • Come outside of the box

Emotional Integration

Students will learn to find solutions to their own problems through an emotional clearing process. Journaling, vision-boarding, and emotional clearing will support the students in the songwriting process as well.

  • Help students take time out to listen to that positive voice from within that guides them to do good and progress positively.

Performers who have developed some of these positive skills are now confident and moving positively forward. They have overcome fears and negative emotion and have replace them with faith, love, and joy. These are the ingredients for confidence as one becomes confident in who they are. Joy and happiness is your natural state

Artist Intensive Summer Camp Schedule

Training Routines To Prepare for Performance


  • Vocal Exercises
  • Stage Fright Exercises

Empowerment & Songwriting


  • Emotional Integration
  • Vision-Boarding
  • Motivational Speakers

Songwriting & Journaling


  • Songwriting
  • Journaling



  •  Students should bring their own lunch and water bottle.  
  • Lunches will not be refrigerated so include an ice pack if needed. Pack foods that do not need to be heated.

Performance Rotation               

(45 min rotation)

  • Vocal Technique
  • Performance
  • Dance
  • Acting

Children: 9-11 years old (D, A, B, C,)
Tweens: 12-14 years old (C, D, A, B) 
Teens: 15-17 years old (B, C, D, A)  
Adults: 18 & up (A, B, C, D)

Smack & Snack


*Talking smack and eating snacks!

 Gospel Choir


Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]
or call me at 602-301-0406.